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28th of May 2020
Megan K. Fox (The Shift – Best Cork Short at Cork Film Festival)

26th of Mar 2020
Colm Lockheed (Harry Potter Online Quiz)

25th of Mar 2020
Conrad Howard (Market Lane Restaurant)

23rd of Mar 2020
Laura Da Barra (Author)

20th of Mar 2020
Eve Clague (Musican)

19th of Mar 2020
Eddie Ivors (Staying Together By Playing Apart Online Festival)

18th of Mar 2020
Graham Clifford (Fermoy International Choir)

16th of Mar 2020
Tim Bywater (Author)

13th of Mar 2020
Ted O’Brien ( The Fogues)

12th of Mar 2020
Joanne Higgins ( Cope Foundation)

Cork's local legends

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