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26th of Aug 2019
Stephanie McCarthy – Cork Rose 2019

21st of Aug 2019
Esther Ring – Irish Guide Dogs

15th of Aug 2019
15th August 2019

14th of Aug 2019
14th August 2019

13th of Aug 2019
13th August 2019

1st of Aug 2019
1st August 2019 – Cliff Dolliver

31st of Jul 2019
31st July 2019 – Shane Dunne

17th of May 2019
17th May 2019 – Amy McKeogh – Design POP Festival

1st of Apr 2019
The Cobh 10 – Sonia O’Sullivan

22nd of Jan 2019
22nd January 2019 – Roisin Burke

Cork's local legends

Is it Cork? Is it positive? Well Dave Mac wants to know all about it! Send in your story to locallegend@redfm.ie and you could be one of Mac's Local Legends!

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