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5th of Feb 2020
Dave Mac’s Kevin Kilbanter

4th of Feb 2020
Caoilian Sherlock – Quarter Block Party

3rd of Feb 2020
Tiz McNamara

31st of Jan 2020
Rodger O’Sullivan – Comedy Cavern Comedian of the Year

30th of Jan 2020
Gillian Keating – iWish

29th of Jan 2020
Noel Koehane – Mayfield Men’s Shed

28th of Jan 2020
Christopher O’Leary – Comedy Cavern Comedian of the Year Competition

27th of Jan 2020
Tony O’Donovan – The Burma

24th of Jan 2020
Paul Linehan – The Frank & Walters

23rd of Jan 2020
Sarah-Beth Mullane – Luunah

Cork's local legends

Is it Cork? Is it positive? Well Dave Mac wants to know all about it! Send in your story to locallegend@redfm.ie and you could be one of Mac's Local Legends!

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