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28th of Jul 2020
Johnnie Smacks of The 2 Johnnies

22nd of Jul 2020
Dancer James Berkery

27th of Jul 2020
Extreme Running Challenge – Georgie Goff

23rd of Jul 2020
Drummer Christian Best

24th of Jul 2020
Cork Musician Mick Flannery

20th of Jul 2020
Local Ledge Steff OntheQT Red Travel

17th of Jul 2020
The Coronas Conor Egan

10th of Jul 2020
Emperor of Ice Cream’s Eddie Butt

16th of Jul 2020
Cork City FC Family Enclosure’s John Kennedy

8th of Jul 2020
Norma Sheehan Playwright

Cork's local legends

Is it Cork? Is it positive? Well Dave Mac wants to know all about it! Send in your story to locallegend@redfm.ie and you could be one of Mac's Local Legends!

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