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27th of Nov 2019
Jen Sheehan – Cappagh Kids

8th of Nov 2019
Sarah Ryan – Singer Songwriter

7th of Nov 2019
Fiona Clarke -CEO of Cork Film Festival

5th of Nov 2019
Shane Clifford – Comedian

6th of Nov 2019
Lyra – Cork Singer

4th of Nov 2019
Timmy Creed – Spliced

1st of Nov 2019
Kelly Adams – New York Nails

31st of Oct 2019
David Giles – Student Ambassador PRA America Student Community Awards

30th of Oct 2019
Seamus Crowe -Former Wolves Player

29th of Oct 2019
Alice Barry – Boo in Ballymaloe

Cork's local legends

Is it Cork? Is it positive? Well Dave Mac wants to know all about it! Send in your story to locallegend@redfm.ie and you could be one of Mac's Local Legends!

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