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19th of Sep 2019
Ask Audrey – Dowtcha Donie’s Drinking, Ellie’s Boy-Racer Fetish and Dan Paddy Andy Is Under Pressure From ‘Herself’

13th of Sep 2019
Ask Audrey – Donie’s Jealousy, Ronan’s Quiet Ride, Paula’s Environment Concerns & Deirdre’s Trip To Chernobyl

5th of Sep 2019
Ask Audrey – Jacob Rees-Mogg On Your Sofa, Ed’s Cork Class System, Reggie’s Feminism and Dan Paddy Andy’s Blue Pill

29th of Aug 2019
Ask Audrey – Reggie’s New Job Title, Dowtcha Donie’s Wedding Attire, Monica’s Au Pair & Dan Paddy Andy’s Posh Nephew

22nd of Aug 2019
Ask Audrey – Viagra Problems, Sailing Trips, A TV Game Show Idea And A New Cork Tour Company

15th of Aug 2019
Ask Audrey – Game of Thrones, Music Festivals With No Bands, Bad Holiday Neighbours and Accent Woes

8th of Aug 2019
Ask Audrey – Donie’s Moving House

8th of Aug 2019
Ask Audrey – Ed’s Novel

8th of Aug 2019
Ask Audrey – Dee’s Dirty Secret

8th of Aug 2019
Ask Audrey – Dan Paddy Andy Football Fears

It's time to Ask Audrey!

She's been sorting out Cork’s problems for ages in the Irish Examiner, and now she’s coming to Cork's Red FM! Your favourite agony aunt is hitting the airwaves. The Irish Examiner's Ask Audrey gives her unique advice to fans in a fix, but don't expect her to be nice! Read Audrey's latest advice every Friday in Life/Style in The Irish Examiner. What's your problem?

Written by Pat Fitzpatrick, produced by Kilian Pettit in Studio 4, RedFM.

Performed by Esther McCarthy, Pat Fitzpatrick, Dave Mac, Kilian Pettit and Emer O'Mahony.


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