For the past weeks Air France and Redfm gave you the best travel tips to visit the cities of Paris, Venice, Copenhagen and Rome.

This week, we are sharing a few travel tips to help you make the most of your next holiday with Air France, whether it’s in Europe or beyond.

  1. Travel by yourself. There are as many things to learn about yourself as things to do in a destination. Travelling solo will lead you to unexpected self-discoveries.
  2. Go to places that interest you the most. Nowadays it’s easy to follow the beaten paths but it’s essential to visit places that inspire you, whether they are touristic or not.
  3. Take a walking tour. Book into a walking tour at the destination. It is one of the first things to do as it really gives you a feel for the place. You also get lots of tips and tricks for your stay.
  4. Explore like a local. Go away from the tourist hotspots and explore off the beaten track. It’s very easy to get sucked into the busy tourist areas but taking a step outside will make you explore hidden treasures and get a taste of the local gems.
  5. Read about the destination history before you go. Learn about the past of the destination you are about to visit. It will help you understand its present and make great discoveries about the culture, architecture and much more!
  6. Learn the language. Get a real feel for a location by learning the language before you go. Learn some greetings or how to order in a restaurant, simple things go a long way!
  7. Go to local markets and shops. Go to the popular local food markets or try some restaurants that are away from the main tourist hotspots. If the locals eat there, you can’t go wrong!
  8. Try a cooking class – A cooking class is always a great way to learn about the food culture while travelling. Get hands on and learn to make the local cuisine.
  9. Ask locals for tips. The places you always remember are the places they recommend. Ask the locals you cross path with for their favourite places and go check them out.
  10. Wake up early and watch the sunrise. It is lovely to explore a place while everyone is still asleep. Nothing beats watching the sunrise as you welcome another day of adventures.



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