Setting realistic revision Goals.

It is important that you set out realistic revision targets. What this means is that you don’t try to do too much at this point. Remember that at this time of year revision is all about quality, not quantity. With this in mind, take a few minutes to sit down and make a list of the key topics in each subject that you feel you need to revise the most. This will give you a focus over the coming weeks.

Planning / Breaking down large targets into manageable pieces.

Now that you have set your targets, it is very important that you break down these targets into manageable pieces. It is better to do one hour of good revision instead of spending three or four hours looking at a book. Remember that active learning will help you to retain more information. With this in mind I suggest breaking study time down into the following:

· Set aside revision time for blocks of 1 hour.

· Break down each hour into three 20 minute sessions.

· Choose three subjects you want to revise and a specific topic from that subject.

· Spend 10 minutes revising the topic and then 10 minutes answering a question(s) on that topic. (This timing is a guide and some subjects / topics may take more or less time).

· I suggest that you begin with a subject you really like, then tackle your more difficult topics.

· When you are finished, take a break, knowing that you have 3 good pieces of work done.

Remember, quality over quantity!

Evaluating Progress.

It is important to remember that we tend to be overly critical of ourselves and compare ourselves harshly to others who “seem” to be doing more or better than we are. Everyone facing into exams is stressed and anxious, even if they do not show it. What’s important is to manage this stress.

When evaluating your own progress, concentrate on your own strengths first. What you have done well, the work you have already completed. This will motivate you to continue working towards the exams and help to manage the stress you are feeling.


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