Red On Red – Episode Fifty Eight – The Leeside Tapes Vol. 3

Red On Red

This week, in the spirit of RedFM’s Paddy’s Day proceedings, we’re off on another longform sonic journey, through some of the best of Cork music so far this year, as well as offerings from artists visiting the upcoming Cork Sound Fair and It Takes a Village Festivals. Stay locked in as we embark on the Leeside Tapes, Vol. 3.

01. Gadget and the Cloud – Too Soon to Say
02. Ghostking is Dead – How Did I Get Here? (Quarter Fade Version)
03. The Shaker Hymn – Brother (Love in Flight)
04. Anna-Mieke – Keep it Whole
05. Arthur Valentine – Selfish
06. Colm K – Water
07. Bantum – Prometheus
08. Not Earth – No Shit IV
09. Fixity – World Line (Live at the Poor Relation)
10. Senior Infants ft. Sebi C – STAP (Live at the Roundy)
11. Craic Boi Mental (prod. Fomorian Vein) – Ná Caitheamh Tobac
12. Toby Kaar – Promises
13. ooSe – Sundance
14. Elll – Jawbreaker
15. Naive Ted – You Are So
16. Underling – emulsion 3_drum crush
17. Lila Tirando a Violeta ft. Lighght – Wet Season (Lo Que Queres)



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